Batman & Mr. Freeze: SubZero


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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by thedarkknight-89 10 / 10

A truly great Batman movie.

Alongside Mask of the Phantasm, this movie is a great tribute to the Animated Series that brought Batman into children's lives. This movie, even though it was animated, was serious, realistic, and had a great plot. The fact that it came out after Shcumaker's Batman & Robin, is a shame, due to the fact that this movie, an animated movie, blows the big screen movie out of the water. Just goes to show the difference between a great movie and director, and a horrible movie.

The voices for the characters were picked perfectly, and unlike the Freeze of Batman and Robin, this Dr. Freeze was perfectly in alignment with the mentality and actions of the comic book villain.

Kevin Conroy sounds just like you expect Batman to sound like, blowing George Clooneys frankly oddball and campy rendition away. Conroy acts like people expect the real Batman to act, assuming of course you are not Joel Schumaker or anyone who thinks said directors movies are good.

Reviewed by voicemaster71 10 / 10

Top Quality Batman Movie That Should Have Wo Some Awards

If Mask of the Phantasm compliments the first 70 episodes of Batman: The Animated Series, Subzero compliments the 15 episodes that comprise the Adventures of Batman and Robin. Mr. Freeze is one of my top favorite villains in this show thanks to Michael Ansara's magnificent portrayal of a tortured man, who although dead to emotions is more determined than ever to save the life of his dying wife Nora. I love this movie better than Mask of the Phantasm because being a Batman and Robin fan, I was thrilled that Robin was included in this Direct to Video Release. Kevin Conroy and Loren Lester are once again, superb in their roles as Batman and Robin. Regarding Batgirl, I was not exactly happy that she was in costume only briefly, but as Barbara Gordon, she was great as a damsel in distress, but still able to take care of herself, just like in the Heart of Steel 2 part episode. We even see a potential romance develop between Dick Grayson and Barbara Gordon. Dick's wild motorcycle ride after Freeze's van is definitely worth seeing. The animation quality is even better than ever, partially due to CGI, but hey! I'm not complaining.

It's interesting to note two voice overs in this movie, George Dzunda (Scarface and the Ventriloquist and Perry White on Superman) is the voice of Dr. Gregory Belson and Dean Jones (Disney's Herbie the Love Bug movies) is the voice of Belson's Stockbroker.

My biggest gripe about this movie was the fact that WB decided to wait an entire year before releasing it. I felt they should have gone ahead and released it in the summer of 1997 so people could have enjoyed a better "Batman and Robin" movie than the abomination that Schumacher made. By airing the WB episodes first and then releasing this movie in 1998 was a mistake I felt. Why? Because if you saw the WB episode "Cold Comfort" you would already know the upcoming fate of Nora Fries, so WB's decision to bump the release spoiled the surprise of this delightful movie for everyone.

Of all the three animated Batman movies, I felt that Subzero is by far, the best of the three. It's also the last time we see the Batman characters in the Fox style before their revamps on the WB network, plus, with the exception of the "Old Wounds" episode, it's Dick Grayson's last adventure as Robin. And my hats off to the late Mary Kay Bergman, who voiced over Barbara Gordon/Batgirl in this movie. Like Mask of the Phantasm, I highly recommend Subzero for purchase or rental.

Reviewed by Danny Blankenship 8 / 10

Well done animated "Batman" film that's full of drama, explosive action and it ends on a sentimental note!

I for one have never really been a big fan of animated cartoon type movies, that is since I'm now an adult but in my past as a kid I treasured them. And being a big "Batman" fan I just had to check out the animated films even as an adult. I must say that this film featuring villain Mr. Freeze: Subzero didn't let me down either. As Freeze wanted to chill Gotham City this animated film brought red hot explosive action! The drama and story is well laid out with a plot twist that would even appear in a big screen movie. It centers around Barbara Gordon("Batgirl") who finds herself being the unlucky one that's kidnapped by Freeze when he finds out that she's an organ donor. The thing is the wife of Freeze needs an organ transplant to return to her normal state. Never fear "Batman" and "Robin" are to the rescue! Really watch this if you haven't it ends with everyone on a happy note just like the days when you as a kid watched cartoons! Overall great animated work of a "Batman" film.

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